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Why be a part of the 99?

Utilize your skills creating the things that you love to create in your own environment. People rarely succeed in a career unless they love what they do. This is not just a job. This is movement. We’re not a family, we’re like a professional sports team…a group of talented professionals working together to win. We leverage technology to have the flexibility to work from anywhere and move the needle forward for SEVERAL companies. Enjoy work again…feel energized, embrace new ideas, let your voice be heard….


Do Your Creative Talents Align?

We are always looking for great new team members. Full-time, contract, or freelance, there are several ways to join the 99. Submit your application below. Do your skills NOT fit into one of the boxes to the left? That’s ok! Submit your resume anyway and let’s chat!

Our Core Values

Be unapologetically yourself | Show gratitude | Extract the lesson and move on | Serve your team well in order to lead well

Be willing to “work on that” | Be awesome at everything you do | We win by helping others win