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About Us


A group of talented professionals hit a slump in their career and were feeling unfulfilled. Their talents were being handcuffed and creativity was being stifled. They wanted to be a part of something different. Something bigger.

So they set out on a journey to build a non-traditional digital marketing agency that could serve clients from anywhere in the world.

And the 99 was born….

Gaining creative inspiration from all corners of the world, they formed an international team with one mission – to help other small businesses find their voice, brand, ideal customer, and grow.

With their innovative approach, the 99 is determined to make a lasting impact and give entrepreneurs the tools and guidance they need to thrive in their marketplace.

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Our Most Popular Services

Social Media Management

We can help you develop a strong brand image and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. With our comprehensive approach to social media management, you’ll be able to maximize reach, grow your followers and drive more sales for your business with unique daily posts to each platform.

Website Design

We strive to create websites that are designed with performance in mind, from the backend programming to the front-end presentation. Our developers ensure that each website they build has clean code, proper formatting, efficient navigation, and lightning-fast load times so your site is performing optimally across all devices and browsers.


We utilize industry-leading strategies and tools to analyze, evaluate and optimize the performance of your website and make sure that it can be found easily by those searching for it. Our goal is to help your business grow and succeed. Our SEO services are designed to help you get more visibility and reach more customers, as well as maximize website rankings.


Katy Martin

Chief Executive Officer / SEO Director

Emma Pardo

Chief Creative Officer / Director of Social Media

Ally Hilmes

Content Team Manager / Head Writer

David Skaggs

Cinematographer / Producer Director

Jenessa Shearer

Executive Assistant / Client Success Manager

Mokibur Rahman

Graphic Designer | Animator I VFX I Video Editor | Lead Generation Specialist

Sabbir Ahmed

Web Developer

Tiffany Toombs

Content Manager

Kourtney Rieder

Content Manager

Adnan Ovi Raj

SEO Specialist

Charlie Henderson

Media Buyer / Google PPC Expert

Christina Bersin

Content Manager

We're always hiring....if you're a creative and looking for a new home, click here.

Our Core Values

Be unapologetically yourself | Show gratitude | Extract the lesson and move on | Serve your team well in order to lead well

Be willing to “work on that” | Be awesome at everything you do | We win by helping others win


Frequet Asked Question

Hello, Welcome to Amarise Digital. We provide 360-degree digital Marketing for every individual. From startup to Corporate we offer customizable Service Packages for every venture.


  1. Web Design & Development
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Marketing

E-mail Marketing could be a great platform for you to engage with your targeted customers in a more professional way. It’s highly effective to reach out to your targeted clients.

Google Analytics is a tool that collects information from your apps and websites to provide reports that give you insights into how well your business is doing.

At least 06 months, after that your SEO result will appear with better results of traffic.