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Take your business to new heights with the help of 99 Creatives!

Contractor Marketing

Let’s face it, your focus should be on breaking new ground in the construction industry, not brick-laying the perfect B2B Digital Marketing strategy!
At 99 Creatives, we are here to help you construct your online content so that you can focus on building in the real world.

Home Services

Long gone are the days of word of mouth referrals cutting it when it comes to acquiring more customers! Today, hearing about Home Services through the grapevine just doesn’t do the same as an online search as many consumers are heading straight to the web. So, why not get as many eyeballs online as possible? We are here to help you get noticed and get business.

Business/Life Coaches

As a coach, your time should be spent planting seeds to grow in the areas you serve instead of having to dig up the perfect Digital Marketing strategy on your own. With a green thumb in content creation, we are here to nourish and sow your online space so that your coaching business can thrive!

Professional Services

There are 99 reasons why customers choose your company's services over the competitors, but have you considered how a savvy Digital Marketing strategy can help you dominate? At 99 Creatives, we are here to serve up your business in the online space so that you can scale to the top of your industry!


In the restaurant business realm there is always something new on the menu, so why worry about crafting up compelling Social Media content, baking up a branding strategy, and prepping your online presence? 99 Creatives is here to take the heat of the online Digital Marketing world, so that you can keep up in the kitchen.

Bed and Breakfasts

As a B&B, you put your heart into every booking you bring in. Unfortunately, with the push of new hospitality platforms, space is getting crowded and stays are getting swept up online. At 99 Creatives, we strive to help you stand out on all digital platforms and bring in business that can withstand any Airbnb listing.


Our Most Popular Services

Social Media Management

We can help you develop a strong brand image and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. With our comprehensive approach to social media management, you’ll be able to maximize reach, grow your followers and drive more sales for your business with unique daily posts to each platform.

Website Design

We strive to create websites that are designed with performance in mind, from the backend programming to the front-end presentation. Our developers ensure that each website they build has clean code, proper formatting, efficient navigation, and lightning-fast load times so your site is performing optimally across all devices and browsers.


We utilize industry-leading strategies and tools to analyze, evaluate and optimize the performance of your website and make sure that it can be found easily by those searching for it. Our goal is to help your business grow and succeed. Our SEO services are designed to help you get more visibility and reach more customers, as well as maximize website rankings.